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It has been four years since the case of serial killer Silas Alvah shook the town of Seattle to its core. Retired Detective John Corbin has settled into his life of husband, father, and restaurant owner; Detective work, however, is embedded in his heart and soul and the pull has never left him. When a disturbed and twisted killer rises to the surface of Northwestern Washington, it is soon apparent his intention is to draw John Corbin back into the horrors of detective work that has already left him scarred. Will John risk everything to be drawn into the killer's twisted game of using human beings as pawns? Will he follow his ingrained instincts and attempt to save the innocent from evil? The Redemption is a twisting, turning labyrinth that will take you on a thrill ride unlike anything you have experienced before as each life is measured by our most unforgiving enemy… Time.

Here is an excerpt.

Nathan Jefferies opened his eyes. As his vision sharpened, the world slowly but steadily came into focus. What Nathan saw caused him to yearn for the oblivion of unconsciousness to return. Above him was a large glass vat with a spout on one end, containing a clear liquid with a yellowish tint. He noticed a faint scent of sewage; panic came over him as he thought: sulfuric acid. A chain was attached to a crank and secured to the side of the vat opposite the spout. Nathan tried to sit up but he was restrained by chains, one secured to each limb. He quickly looked around and saw he was lying in what resembled a glass coffin. The room was small, with one door and one window. Nighttime shadows came through the window and played on the far wall. There was one, faint light bulb hanging from the ceiling, dimly lighting the room.
How did I get here? Nathan thought.
His eyes returned to the acid in the vat. He heard a click as one link of the chain cranked up, and the liquid inched toward the spout. Holy shit, it’s timed! he thought. Nathan flailed his arms and legs, trying to free himself from his restraints but to no avail. He was tightly secured.
“Help!” Nathan yelled with all he had. Nothing. After a few more futile attempts, he stopped.
As his coherency returned, he tried to remember anything he could. He recalled his morning jog while absorbing the sun’s early rays. His run was interrupted as he approached a black SUV that was pulled over due to a flat tire; he had stopped to help the motorist mount the spare. The last thing he remembered was turning to look at the tire, and then he woke up here.
Another click from above and the liquid inched closer to the spout. Nathan thought of his family: his wife, Andrea and his two sons, Zachary and William. He yearned to see them again. How could it end like this? Nathan always wondered what it would be like to live inside a horror movie; to feel the adrenaline and panic of knowing your life hangs in the balance, living with the uncertainty of your outcome and how much pain you would endure. Nathan glanced at the window and noticed the first sign of morning as the room started to brighten a bit, with the virgin sunlight of a new day.
The fluid was at the end of the spout now. One more link and it would drip onto him. The spout was aligned with his face, a mere three feet above him. He noticed something in the far corner uncovered by the morning sunlight; a video camera pointed at him with an illuminated green light. Someone was recording this.
“Stop this, help me, please!” he screamed at the camera.
The first drop fell onto his right eyeball. Nathan’s sight turned black as he screamed in pain.


So, what are readers saying about this book?

★★★★★ “Good fast-paced thriller.
The protagonist is John Corbin, a retired detective. But he can’t seem to stay away from the passion and excitement that helping out on serious jobs bring. And so he gets pulled into a serial murder spree by Captain Johnson who lines him up with rookie, Ricky. Against his therapist’s advice, John enters into this new case causing his wife concern. And as the story progresses her concern is validated. This fast-paced, at times moderately-done gruesome, is balanced with romances starting, and philosophizing that keeps it an enjoyable read. I particularly liked the part where John is having a conversation with Ricky about a victim knowing she was about to die, watching the inevitability of the last minutes of her life passing before he and what the conversation is about is whether they would want to know when it’s their time. The universal debate ensues of knowing would involve living your life to the fullest versus not having the anxiety of the clock ticking. I also like the relationship John and his wife have with their children; particularly the teaching moments that come up around sport and you can do anything if you make your mind up to it (to paraphrase). This moves through several murders, one of which the victim is rescued, to two more victims that sets John’s life in turmoil: the victims are his children. No spoilers here but imagine his wife devastated as the clock is ticking and she’s putting away wine bottle after wine bottle and John is ordered off the case by Captain Johnson. There’s no lack of tension in this tightly-written read. It drew me in and held me right down to the end.- Luv2Read, Amazon

If you like murder mysteries that are more than just a ‘who done it’, this is a must read for you. I loved the first book in this series so I had great expectations for this one. I am glad to say I wasn’t disappointed; this one is just as good. Having read the first one, I was expecting a huge twist and was very pleased with myself when I figured out what is was about half way through. Unfortunately, I was completely wrong. Given how book 1 ended, I didn’t see how the author could write a follow-up and I’m delighted to say that he has done a great job of it. It makes sense and flows on well.
This book is thrilling. It had me so close to the edge of my seat I almost fell off. This is a truly great read. The only downside is that I have to wait for the author to finish writing another book before I can read more.
I cannot stress how much I recommend this author.
- Trudie Collins, Amazon 

John Corbin cannot resist the challenge of finding a serial killer, but when his family gets involved, life turns into a nightmare. Should he stop or should he carry on? A nail-biting story of a psychopath who loves to taunt, and a cop who just will not give up. Recommended. - Amazon Customer

★★★★★ “Really good book!
I quite enjoyed this novel, though it's a sequel to a novel I've not read. It's dramatic and action-packed; the characters are well-developed with their own distinct personalities that really drive the plot along. Well written! - Jenna Whittaker, Amazon

Wow, it sounds like a riveting read!

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About the Author:

David Boiani is an American author living in Coventry, RI. He writes psychological thrillers. He has four books published to date. His first book, A Thin Line, and its sequel The Redemption. He also has two short story collections, Dark and Darker Musings. His short story ‘The Game of Kings’ was chosen to be included in the 2019 association of Rhode Island Authors anthology.  Visit his website at Sign up for his newsletter here:, where you will receive updates, news, and special content and offers.

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