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2016 Year in Review

Writing in the Modern Age 2016 Year in Review

For our 354th post, I’d like to take a moment to offer a flashback of sorts regarding some of our blog’s events. 

Since its guest author launch in 2013, Writing in the Modern Age has taken on an exciting life of its own! I can’t thank our guest writers, published authors and blog readers enough for seeing us through all those great changes! What began as a potential haven for writers at any stage to seek encouragement and advice in their careers has evolved into a fun place for readers of any book genre to find their new, favorite author. 

So, what did occur this year? Let me tell you. 

We had two book giveaways, introduced a new Author’s Bookshelf feature, discovered some service interviews, as well as our big 350th Anniversary multi-author writing process post. This was on top of our revolving author and character interviews, and even more poetry spotlights and new release features in 2016. With over 70 posts this year and 120 participating authors, I’d say we’ve done rather well! Starting with fantasy author Arie Farnam’s interview at the beginning of the year, to DJ Swykert’s tips about incorporating forensics into mystery writing, and Carl R. Brush’s great lessons in using the past in fiction, to Heidi Renee Mason’s fascinating poetry spotlight, all the way to Diana Rubino’s illustration of the difference between small and large presses, and Susanne Matthews giving us a look at how to effectively write a trilogy, (not to mention a few new articles by yours truly), so much has happened!

Again, thank you all so much for visiting the blog this year, whether you’re a loyal follower or a newcomer, you guested on the blog (see our blog policy, which offers more information about contributing if you’re a writer), or just simply stumbled across our site from social media. We’d like to offer you a load of gratitude from the bottom of our hearts!

Also, many thanks to our great writers and talented authors who wrote posts, or participated in interviews and giveaways!


Below I am including information about all the authors who were featured in 2016, either in an interview, article, book giveaway or other event. Each author will be listed with a link to the most relevant website to find out more information about their books or writing. You’ll also see each individual author’s latest book cover, as well as his or her location in the world. For what reader hasn’t wondered where his or her favorite author comes from? Each cover will include an updated link to a purchase page. Additionally, I’m including a link or links to the post each author contributed to this year. That way, you can catch any posts you may have missed!

Sound good? Great! Without further ado, here are our authors!

Arie Farnam - Prague

 Lois W. Stern - New York

Post: Interview

Doug Bolton - Oregon

Amber Daulton - North Carolina

Posts: Giveaway 1

Sable Hunter -Texas

Posts: Giveaway 1

K.C. Sprayberry - Georgia

Posts: Giveaway 1

Debbie White - California

 Post: Giveaway 1

Rebecca L. Frencl - Illinois

Posts: Giveaway 1

Sharon Kleve - Washington

 Post: Giveaway 1

Devika Fernando - Germany

Posts: Giveaway 1

DJ Swykert - Kentucky

Posts: Giveaway 1 

Carole McKee - Florida

Posts: Giveaway 1

 Posts: Giveaway 1

Elaine C. Pereira - Michigan

Post: Giveaway 1  

Maxine Flam - California

Marianne Petit - New York
Posts: Giveaway 1

T.W. Embry - Florida

Giulietta M. Spudich - London, England

Viv Drewa - Michigan

Posts: Giveaway 1 

Fiona Tarr - Australia

Posts: Giveaway 1

Olga Nuñez Mirét - Sheffield, England

Posts: Giveaway 1

Linda Lee Williams - Colorado

Posts: Giveaway 1

Dan Buri - Oregon

Posts: Giveaway 1

Alicia Sparks - Louisiana

Andrea Perno - Maryland

C.J. Anaya - Utah/Brazil/everywhere

Elliot Richard Dorfman - New York

Emily A. Lawrence - Transylvania

 Post: Giveaway 1

Frank Borne - Louisiana

  Post: Giveaway 1

Posts: Giveaway 1

 Vicki-Ann Bush - Nevada
Post: Giveaway 1

Linda Covella - California

Post: Giveaway 1

L. Anne Carrington - Pennsylvania

  Posts: Giveaway 1

Belinda Celayir - Florida
Post: Giveaway 1

Samantha Cross - Michigan

 Post: Giveaway 1

Post: Giveaway 1

John Stamp - Georgia

Post: Giveaway 1

JR Wirth - California

Tina Donahue - Undisclosed

Posts: Giveaway 1

Gloria Weber - Ohio

Posts: Giveaway 1

Ashley Fontainne - Arkansas

Posts: Giveaway 1

Belinda Y. Hughes - Louisiana

Posts: Giveaway 1

Angela Deppeler - Tennessee

Susan Lynn Solomon - New York

 Post: Giveaway 1

A.A. Schenna - Greece

 Post: Giveaway 1

Natasha Lane - Maryland

Marie Lavender - Indiana

Posts: Giveaway 1

Karen Milstein - Undisclosed

Tamara Thorne - California

Posts: Giveaway 1

Alistair Cross - West/New England (U.S.)

Posts: Giveaway 1

Diana Rubino - Massachusetts
Posts: Giveaway 1

Susanne Matthews - Ontario, Canada

Posts: Giveaway 1

Anthony Rudzki - Pennsylvania

JoAnne Keltner - North Carolina

Tracy Kincaid - Pennsylvania

Rachael Stapleton - Ontario, Canada

Penny Estelle/P.A. Estelle - Arizona

Posts: Giveaway 1

A.B. Funkhauser - Ontario, Canada

Carl R. Brush - California

David Chandler - Pennsylvania

Silvia Villalobos - California

Mika Jolie - New Jersey

Posts: Giveaway 2

Jim Cronin - Colorado

Heidi Renee Mason - Washington

Michael J. Sahno - Florida

Posts: Author Interview  

Tom Johnson - Texas

Stefan Vucak - Australia

Kelli Sue Landon - Illinois

Kim Smith - Tennessee

Chad McClendon - Kentucky

Theresa Mae - Ohio
Post: Book Feature  

Gissel Brito - Florida


Frederick H. Crook - Illinois

Tory Allyn - New York

Isobelle Cate - Manchester, England

Branka Čubrilo - Australia

Kate Collins/KateMarie Collins - Washington

Laura Ranger - Mississippi

Vivienne Vincent - Undisclosed

  Posts: New Release Feature  

Ryan O'Leary - Canada

C.L. Bush - Undisclosed

Uvi Poznansky - New York

Posts: Author Interview  

Jannette Fuller - North Carolina

Posts: Author Interview  

Margaret Egrot - England

M.R. Rutter - Minnesota

 Rival Gates - Nebraska

  Posts: Character Interview 

CS Patra - North Carolina

Henry Anderson - England

Caryl McAdoo - Texas

 David M. Mannes - Canada

Andy Ruffett - Toronto, Canada

P.I. Barrington - California

Natalie Silk - Virginia

Mark Conte - Florida

Dianne Hartsock - Oregon

Doc Krinberg - California

Celia Kennedy -Washington

Grey Francis - California

Cleo Scornavacca - New Jersey

Jill Marie Denton - Delaware

Laura Vosika - Minnesota

Miles Rothwell - Australia

Nina Soden - Michigan

Tanya W. Newman - South Carolina

Rita Plush - New York

Jane Riddell - Scotland

Monica DeSimone - New Jersey

Post: Multi-author Writing Process Event

Readers, I hope you enjoyed our list this year. Authors and writers, once again, thanks for making Writing in the Modern Age awesome in 2016! We really appreciate your support and wish you tons of success! 

Here’s to a wonderful 2017, a time of beginnings. Tomorrow is a new day, a way to turn the page on this life, so let’s make the best of it. 

Happy New Year, everyone!


And, as always, happy reading! :)


  1. Wow! What an honor to be included among such a vast array of books and wonderful authors...I'm truly humbled. Thanks so much for all of your support year-round, Marie. You yourself are a prolific and gifted writer. Happy New Year! :)

  2. Thank you so much, Marie! Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. Thank you for letting me be part of this, Marie. I look at all the great books and talented authors, and wonder how I got picked to be among them. A real pleasure. Lord willing, we'll all be here again next year. Everyone have a wonderful 2017. Now, I think I'll look over some of these books again ...

  4. Thank you so much Marie :) What a lovely post! Happy new year to you and yours

  5. This is awesome, thanks so much for including me! Happy New Year. Here's to many more great posts!

  6. Thanks so much, Marie! Thanks for including my post and the cover of my new book. And Happy New Year! I hope it's the best yet! Happy 2017 everybody!

  7. Such a wonderful post Marie. Thanks for including me. It's always a pleasure being on your blogs! Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks again for having me on your blog.

  9. Great post, Marie! Thanks for including me. Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

  10. A great round up. Very impressive.

  11. Wonderful post!
    Thanks for the shout out!

  12. Thank you, Marie. Honored to be included.